Thursday, April 8, 2010

About Incantato


Incantato is an innovative and creative organization dedicated to a new approach towards overseas group travel. Specializing in performance and cultural study tours with all custom itineraries, and special events, Incantato brings the finest service to international touring with the expertise of key staff members who have years of proven experience of superlative quality.

We are a company that assures our clients that every itinerary is individually designed and meticulously organized to match each group's wishes, needs, and budget.


By arranging unique concerts in both historic capital cities with major sites and in "off-the-beaten-path" destinations featuring hidden gems, performing ensembles will be given a unique opportunity for meaningful immersion into local culture. Unforgettable performances in exquisite venues, professional concert organization and marketing, special receptions in order to meet hosts and audiences, educational workshops and cultural exchanges, perfectly matched hotels and restaurants, in-depth sightseeing, free time to relax or to shop – these are a few of the essential elements of an Incantato Performance Tour.

Incantato is able to rely on key dedicated local partners in various cultural, educational and tourism organizations in order to offer the highest level of performing sponsorships. Through the support of embassies, consulates, governments and the media it is possible to make arrangements rarely achieved in group touring. Incantato maintains and nurtures effective relationships with overseas partners who are eager to facilitate the aspirations of fine touring groups and ensembles.


All of our journeys have a special emphasis on the educational component. Starting with the pre-tour presentations and blogs, and continuing with highly skilled tour managers, to the expert local guides and lecturers, travelers on any Incantato Tour are sure to get an in-depth introduction to the destination they are visiting. Like every journey we organize, our study tours are custom-designed with solely your group's goals in mind and we take great pride in opening doors to research facilities, museums and libraries for you even if they are closed to the general public. In addition, we arrange exchanges with local students, organizations and encourage you to make new contacts and friends when traveling abroad.


In order to fully immerse yourself into local cultures, one has to taste the many flavors of a country, its various regions and ideally even take a peak into someone's home kitchen. Incantato takes great pride in enabling travelers to eat extremely well starting with hearty breakfasts to specialty food tastings and gourmet dinners even for our student groups. You can learn so much about a country by eating what the locals do, and also where they do it. For an even deeper immersion into local cuisine, Incantato also offers special culinary journeys.

Incantato Team
Experts in the Art of Performance, Study, Alumni & Culinary Tours

The Incantato Team consists of dedicated professionals from the United States and Europe including highly skilled tour organizers, well-connected, experienced concert managers and public relations experts (journalists, graphic and web designers), certified tour guides, educators and last but not least renowned artists from various fields.

All of our team members share the passion to work with and for fine choirs, study, alumni and other special interest groups planning to travel abroad. With their combined skills and experience, they are true Experts in the Art of Tours and take great pride in providing your ensemble and group with our trademarks: "Essential Artistic Experiences", "Essential Cultural Experiences" and "Essential Culinary Experiences"

Please do not hesitate to contact us at to request a list of references.

INCANTATO relocated to the Carolinas as of December 2008 to expand our services even further. Our new address is INCANTATO TOURS, 12101 Baywoods Drive, Tega Cay, South Carolina 29708

INCANTATO CONCERTS, the European office is within easy reach from Frankfurt airport.
The physical address is Speyererstr. 127, 67105 Schifferstadt.