Friday, April 9, 2010

Your Team

Experts in the Art of Performance Tours

Sandra Weinacht
and Theodore Keppler are the Founders of Incantato Tours.
Sandra has extensive experience as a performance tour organizer. She started her career in the travel industry while working as a journalist and editor and pursuing her Masters in North American Studies. As part-time tour manager in the summers of 2000-2003 for various major tour operators, sending choirs, orchestras and religious groups to Europe, Sandra was soon called into an exclusive contract with just one company specializing in performance tours. In less than six months she built a complete European Concert Management Office from scratch, establishing contacts with prime venues throughout Europe, and introducing a professional marketing concept. In the years that followed, Sandra continued to build relationships with European concert and festival organizers, arts and cultural organizations, and, most importantly, made wonderful friends both on her native continent and in the US. Professionally, aside from holding the position of Concert Manager Europe as of 2003, Sandra was promoted to Director of European Operations in 2004 and became Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Development in 2006. After the retirement of Dr. Gary Unruh, Sandra became the solely responsible person for designing over 40 performance tours to Europe. Her tours at that time focused on children's, high school, college, university, church and community choirs from all across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The over 150 European performances she organized with her team – many of whom have recently joined Incantato – included several festivals. Among them, two special celebrations of Mozart's works in Austria and Italy in 2006 that provided wonderful experiences for conductors, singers, and excited audiences in packed churches. Sandra really cares about the musical experiences and strives to enable musicians of all ages to experience in a meaningful way the countries in which they will perform and travel. After months, sometimes years of planning, the Incantato team strives to be sure every group receives the tour they were dreaming of, often placing them in prime venues like St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Marks in Venice, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Stephansdom (Vienna), Matyas Templon (Budapest) and St. Nicholas in Prague as well as in lesser known yet equally beautiful venues in smaller “off the beaten path” locales. There they usually find many of the most appreciative audiences. Sandra is grateful for the continuing mentoring from some of the finest choir conductors and music educators in the United States. It was through the positive encouragement and substantial support of these fine women and men that Incantato was founded, with the mission to facilitate essential artistic experiences for US performance groups traveling to Europe. Sandra, CEO/Concert Manager, and Theodore, President and Director of Operations, look forward to a long and profound career providing outstanding touring experiences and excellent, personable service to the fine touring groups.

Dr. Jonathan Talberg serves as Incantato‘s Artistic Director and Advisor and is responsible for consulting with traveling ensembles, approving concert venues, and suggesting appropriate repertoire for European churches, cathedrals, and festivals. With over twenty years of international touring both as a singer and conductor, Dr. Talberg brings to Incantato a concrete image of what makes a great performance tour — from the perspective of conductor and performer.

In addition, the Incantato Team consists of dedicated professionals from the United States and Europe including highly skilled tour organizers, well-connected, experienced concert managers and P.R. experts (journalists, graphic and web designers), certified tour guides, educators and last but not least renowned artists from various fields. All of our team members share the passion to work with and for fine choirs planning to travel abroad. With their combined skills and experience, they are true Experts in the Art of Performance Tours and take great pride in providing your ensemble with our trademark: "Essential Artistic Experiences". Please do not hesitate to contact us at to request a list of references.

Incantato Tours is based in the US, Incantato Concerts in Germany.